session ses‧sion [ˈseʆn] noun
1. [countable] also trading session FINANCE a period of time, usually a day, when buying and selling takes place on the stockmarket:

• The Euro slid sharply in the European trading session.

• Stock prices sank for the fourth consecutive session.

2. [countable] a meeting used by a group of people for a particular purpose:

• After the opening session we run a series of workshops.

• There's no substitute for thorough preparation before a negotiation session with the client.

3. [countable, uncountable] a formal meeting or group of meetings, especially of a court or a parliament:

• Morocco and Tunisia are host to the next two sessions of the trade talks.

• The European parliament is in session in Strasbourg.

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session UK US /ˈseʃən/ noun
[C] MEETINGS a period of time or meeting arranged for a particular activity: »

I'm having a session with her this afternoon for a briefing.


There are regular training sessions at the firm's central office.


So far the intense negotiating sessions have failed to yield any substantial progress.


a planning/brainstorming session

the opening/closing session »

She spoke at the opening session of the conference.

[C] (also trading session) STOCK MARKET a period of buying and selling on a stock market, usually within a single day: »

Tokyo stocks surged in the trading session, pushed by record highs on Wall Street overnight.


The group's shares gained 7.5p to close the session at 176.5p.

[C or U] LAW, GOVERNMENT a formal meeting or series of meetings of an organization such as a parliament or a law court: »

The General Assembly is due back in session after a six-week adjournment.


Improvements in workers' compensation were made during the last legislative session.


The Bank's board held an emergency session yesterday.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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(of a court, of a legislature, etc.)

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